A national landmark of hope

to remind generations of God’s goodness

If God has done it once
He can do it again!

A national landmark of hope, to remind generations of God’s goodness.

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Answered Prayer #11008

For lots of different reasons, when I was 15 I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Because of the anorexia, I later developed a circulatory condition called Raynaud's Syndrome, which was really painful and you're meant to have for life once developed. People told me I would never fully recover from anorexia, however, with lots of prayer, counselling help from my family, friends and church, I have now been completely recovered from both the Raynauld's and the anorexia for 3+ years. God has restored so much to me, for example, I will soon complete my undergraduate degree, when previously the chance of me going to uni was looking pretty slim. I am profoundly grateful to God an can't wait to see what my future holds.

#answeredprayer #jesus #healed #anorexia #free #future

A National Landmark of hope to remind generations of God's goodness.
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We are really pleased to be sharing answered prayers from The British Association of City Missions.

The British Association of City Missions (BACM) is a Christian network founded in 1991, with aims of strengthening fellowship and bringing together City Missions from across the UK and Ireland.

There are currently 20 City Missions in the association and the work of these reflect the original motivation of David Nasmith, the founder of the City Mission Movement.

The City Missions these days are still true to what Nasmith laid down. Seeking out the need in their respective cities, and acting as Christ would have done, reflecting God’s Love in practical actions. #BACM #CityMission #Christian #AnsweredPrayers #MakingADifference
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