I was working as the Head of Training in a Financial Services Company in the late 1990’s. My boss was the HR Director. He and his wife went on holiday on a Nile Cruise but she came back with food poisoning. She was taken to hospital where her condition worsened, and eventually she was moved to intensive care. He spent a few days in the office thinking she would recover and was then forced to spend most of his time by his wife’s bedside.

One Thursday afternoon at 2.30 I felt compelled to call two Christian friends of mine together to pray for the wife, we met in his office. We had an intense time of prayer asking God to protect her and heal her. After about 30 – 40 minutes we felt our task was complete and went back to our day by day work.

We later learned that in the hospital at 2.30 the HR Director was summoned to his wife’s bedside and told she only had half an hour to live. As we prayed for her her condition changed and she did not die and recovered slowly and eventually returned home. We had the privilege of praying for God’s protection over her in her life threatening situation and seeing God answer our prayers.