In October 2014 (aged 51) after a few days of severe headaches and vomiting, I was admitted to hospital and after scans was given 3 months to live – they had discovered an enemy, a malignant tumour in my brain. I had the operation to remove as much as they could and over 90% was removed. The tests showed that it was a category 4 Tumour – the worst there is! Even with the treatment (Radio and Chemo therapy which finished in July 15) I was given an expected life span (because they said it would come back and kill me) of 18 months to 2.5 years. At the outset, I was reminded by a good friend that ‘All things work together for Good for all that Love God’ Romans 8:28. My Family and Christian Friends stood by me and commanded it to leave in Jesus name.

Well here I am, and each time I go for a scan it shows it is clear. The medics are somewhat perplexed at my Good health. It’s not a bed of roses though, I still go through the various cycles of recovery which mean up and down times especially as the after effects of treatment can be somewhat heavy (Fatigue and nausea). This has been a dark journey for me and the Lord came alongside me at various points especially when death stared me in the face. On one occasion, as I came to after my operation, he promised me ‘I have your steps’. A big relief I can tell you!

These difficult circumstances have given me much opportunity to testify to Gods Goodness both in and outside of St James’ Hospital in Leeds ever since.