When my wife, Charlotte, was pregnant with our third child (Charlie) the mid-wives picked up some brightness in his bowel at the 12-week scan which caused them some concern.

As a result my wife had to have scans all throughout the pregnancy so that they could continue to monitor Charlie. They warned us that there was a risk that Charlie could be born with cystic fibrosis and they sent us off for blood tests for this accordingly.

Whilst I tested negative, they confirmed that Charlotte was a carrier and, even though they didn’t think it was a huge risk they simply could not conclude for us that Charlie would be born free of this.

We believe that God is a healing God. The Bible tells us that by the stripes upon Jesus’ back (when He suffered and died for us) we have been healed. So we prayed throughout the pregnancy and one time when we were praying, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that Charlie would not have cystic fibrosis or any other condition, that he would be without any infection, that he would grow healthy and that he would prosper.

In our prayers we began instead to thank God for what He’d said and just continued to confess that what God had said would be the reality for Charlie even at a time when medical science could not give us that guarantee.

When Charlie was born, they did a heel prick test in order to ascertain whether he had cystic fibrosis (and a couple of other conditions that hadn’t previously been mentioned!)

We got the results through a couple of weeks later. Everything they tested for came back completely clear. Charlie was perfectly healthy!

We thank God that He is a faithful God who hears us and that, when He speaks, we can believe what He says because He is true to His word :)