About us.

Who’s behind The Wall?

The WallTM is simply a group of Christians from across the UK, and representing a broad spectrum of the Christian faith. We believe this is not only a good idea, but also a ‘God’ idea. We are at the beginning of this project and ideally would like all groups represented in our core team, – so if you know that Jesus answers prayer please come and join us, you are most welcome.

Our Team

Richard Gamble, CEO
David Tomlinson, Director of Development
Phil Laybourne, COO
Helen Roxborough, Assistant to CEO
Clare Payne, Administration
Katrina Douglas, Marketing
Gregory Smith, Marketing Assistant
Benita Thambipallai, Administration
Peter Murden, Social Media
Pete Worthington, Website
Sue Bigby, Intercessor
Victoria Lawrence, Intercessor
Maria Mosely, Intercessor
Bobbi Murphy, Intercessor


Alan McCormick, Trustee
Andy Larkum, Trustee
Ian Nicholson, Trustee
Shirley Dudfield, Trustee