The Testimony of Jesus.

' the spirit of prophecy’ (Rev 19:10)

The Wall of Answered Prayer holds firm to the truth that Jesus is still alive today. He hears our prayers and answers; sometimes in the everyday, sometimes in the miraculous. A project built on the foundation that Jesus answers prayer is futile if Jesus is not at work today. Fortunately we have received thousands of answered prayers that testify otherwise. Therefore, ‘the testimony of Jesus’ in Revelation 19:10 does not just mean the Gospel stories. It includes each of our stories of Jesus working in our own lives.

Our stories must be shared

If Jesus is at work in our lives, then those stories must be shared. When testimonies are shared, they become a prophecy. Speaking an answered prayer into a situation doesn’t just increase someone’s faith; it changes the spiritual atmosphere for Jesus to do it again. In Bill Johnson’s book Release the Power of Jesus, he mentions a man who recognised the power of testimony:

'Jim had instinctively made two assumptions: first, that if God had done this great thing for him, He would surely do it for others; and second, that declaring the testimony was the vehicle by which the promise would be transmitted to others in need’ (Johnson 18).

Our answered prayers are prophetic

Prophecy is the spiritual opening that allows God to do again what He has done before, or as Bill Johnson puts it ‘testimonies prophesy God’s intent and nature to all who will hear’. Testimonies of Jesus are spoken out and those who hear receive a prophetic revelation of God’s nature. People receive healing, breakthrough and salvation and God receives the glory He is due.

The Wall of Answered Prayer will gather the testimonies of Jesus in the heart of the UK so that the spirit of prophecy floods out, giving Jesus space to do the miraculous again. This monument will change lives as people of all walks encounter the God who answers, and ultimately all honour and glory will point to Jesus Christ.

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