How to Share Your Answered Prayer.

Adding your story to The Wall

The Wall of Answered Prayer will hold one million testimonies of God’s goodness. They will be accessible to anyone both when visiting the landmark in person and in an online database.  They will all point to Jesus. 

Often we lose track of the gifts that God has given us. Together let’s create a monument that reminds us of the glorious things He has done. Every single one of the million answered prayers will be a reminder that Jesus hears you, and if He’s done it once He can do it again.

We want to make sure that every answered prayer we receive glorifies Jesus. We’re so glad that you want to share a part of your life with us. Please read the following guidelines on how to submit your story so that it encourages those who read it and points to the One who answers.

What should I write?

We’re looking for an honest account of what Jesus has done. We will be happy to accept your answered prayer if it contains these three key elements:

  • Situation - what was going on in your life?
  • Prayer - what did you ask Jesus for?
  • Answer - how did Jesus answer?

Keep it honest

Our answered prayers are gifts to be shared with others to increase their faith to see the same miracle in their own lives. Stay faithful and true to the gift God has given you. Keep in the human features of the story: how did you feel? Did you doubt that God would answer? Tell us how God showed up and what that experience was like for you. 

Bill Johnson’s summary of sharing testimony is important:

“We don’t need to leave out the human elements of the story, nor do we need to exaggerate the God elements, because both aspects contain the prophetic word that every believer needs” (Release the Power of Jesus, p. 95).

Your experience with answered prayer displays a unique glimpse of God. When people read your honest testimony they will encounter a new part of God and prophesy that over themselves to see it happen again in their own lives. You can read more about the testimony of Jesus here.

Things to consider

When writing your answered prayer, consider the following aspects:

  • Who prayed? Was it you, or was someone else praying for you?
  • How did you pray? Was it a simple phrase, or did you spend hours on your knees crying out to Jesus?
  • If you were healed, what was the healing for? Do you have medical proof of the healing?
  • If you received provision, how exactly did God provide for you?
  • How did God speak to you or comfort you while you waited for an answer?

Why share testimonies?

Testimonies have power. They increase faith and change the spiritual atmosphere to allow the same miracle to happen again. We believe God will use The Wall to repeat past miracles in future generations. Thousands will be healed and encouraged through your answered prayer. 

What impact will my answered prayer have?

Your answered prayer will be a permanent part of a national landmark of hope that will remind generations of God’s goodness. Just think what God could do with your answered prayer - one day, someone will visit this monument and read your story. What would you like them to read? How could your story help someone else? God could use it change their life. Imagine this scenario one million times over - the possibilities are endless! Answered prayers are a gift from our Father, let’s treat them with respect and He will use them to bring glory to His name. He is faithful.

Can I share a testimony even if I didn't pray?

Unfortunately for our project we are just seeking answered prayers – times where you prayed and God responded. However, don’t be discouraged if your testimony doesn’t fall into this category. There is incredible power in your story, and God has given you a huge gift that we encourage you to steward and share wherever you can. Offer your testimony to God and He will use it to change the world.


Can I have more than one brick in The Wall? Of course. God does not restrict his answered prayers to one per person, so we don’t want to either. If God has moved miraculously in multiple areas of your life, then we would be delighted to hear about them all.

Does my testimony have to be a healing? Definitely not. We love hearing answered prayers of healing, but that is just one small way in which He brings His glory into people’s lives and answers prayer. We want to hear your testimonies, no matter how small they may seem.

Check out our FAQs page for more info about answered prayers and The Wall project as a whole.

Further info

Thank you for being willing to share your answered prayer with us. We hope you are encouraged that God will use it for His glory to change lives.

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