The Vision.


The Wall

The Wall of Answered Prayer will be a piece of public art about Jesus Christ. This colossal structure will sit by the side of a motorway, in the heart of the UK, to be seen by thousands each day. Each and every one of the million bricks in the monument will represent an answered prayer which can be read by visitors to the site and online. We are collecting answered prayers from across the UK and abroad to provide future generations with access to the incredible stories of what God is doing in this generation and has done in past generations. Please join with thousands of others and share your story of how Jesus has answered your prayers.

The Wall in Scripture

The Bible contains many passages that focus on answered prayer, the power of remembering, and the importance of building monuments as a reminder of what God has done. Jesus is at the heart of our project, and the Bible is the foundation upon which The Wall will be built.



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