Where will the wall be built?


The Wall will be built by the side of a motorway giving it maximum exposure. 

E.g. Sections of the M1 have 142,000 vehicles on them per day.

During 2017, Keystone Projects will be employed to identify a ‘hit list’ of 10 sites.  Sites that will be targeted are those by a motorway / or visible from a motorway, but that also have a Christian heritage.

Will you get planning?

Yes, planning permission will be sorted and even though it is expected some opposition will exist because of the Christian nature of the landmark.  We have budgeted for a planning consultant to aid us in this process, and we will be looking to partner with the winning council.

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There is a precedent to show that landmarks bring benefit to the area. The Angel of the North has brought significant economic investment into Gateshead (Estimated at £500m). Not only does it generate an additional 400,000 visitors p.a., but the council

have noted that more economic development in the area, as business have grown in confidence due to the councils ability to create a landmark. Initial soundings have been taken with one council ‘off the record’ and there was an appetite for the project.

What will it look like?


The Royal Institute of British Architects will run a global competition, which will be judged by a panel of experts to find the most stunning design for ‘The Wall’, to begin in 2016.

It is expected to be an iconic structure representing a wall, but certainly NOT just a flat wall, it will be breath taking. An exhibition of designs will take place in spring/summer ‘2017, with the winner announced at the beginning of 2018.

Is it for all faiths?

The Wall is only in relation to the Christian faith. It is about God answering prayer in the name of his Son, Jesus, and it is a testimony of his goodness to all people.  Multi-faith approach wouldn’t work as not all faiths are comfortable with a deity answering specific prayers.

Will people be able to see the answered prayers represented by the bricks?


Yes in 2019 the website thewall.org.uk will be updated to show a virtual 3D version of ‘The Wall’.  Visitors will be able to access the site and click on any brick to see the prayer it represents.  As more prayers come in the online structure will slowly build on the website.

Visitors to the website will also be able to search through all the prayers, through tags.  E.g. Someone with cancer, will be able to search through the site and read the thousands of prayers relating to that subject. 

The overall concept once the physical structure is completed is that people will be able to go online to search through the prayers – hopefully inspiring them with a million stories that Jesus answers prayer.


How are prayers verified?


Each brick will represent a story of how Jesus has answered a prayer in someone’s life.  So this is a tricky one.  How do you define what an answered prayer is? 

We would like the site to be filled with a range of answered prayers not just the large miraculous ones.  There will then undoubtedly be many which only internally individuals involved will be able to validate.  So there has to be an element of trust.  That said we have a number of approaches to avoid the logging of answered prayers being abused.  These are:

  • Traditional peer review software
  • Customer Research Technology’s Valid8 software
  • Spot checking

Each testimony will have the option to upload photos and videos’ declaring of how good God has been.

Will the building happen brick by brick, as each testimony comes in?

No.  We hope to begin building late 2020.  Once we have captured 600,000 prayer testimonies the building process will begin, in the anticipation of capturing a further 400,000 before its completion.

How big is a million bricks?


The simplest way to describe it is it will be big!  It will be equivalent to 62 semi-detached houses.  Though we want to give the architects plenty of freedom in the design, it is expected that it will be a high structure.


Is anyone checking the theology of prayers?

Through the use of software stated previously and along with the peer review the charity will not include where ever possible prayers that contradict the Word of God. Our stance as a Christian charity is though not to engage in theological arguments but to demonstrate that God does answer prayer.  As such there will not be a particular Christian theology enforced upon the verification process, as we are keen for ‘The Wall’ to represent the broad Christian church in the UK.

Where does the money go if donate more than £10?

We do not want finance to be a hindrance to anyone who wants to share their story of what God has done in their lives.  Consequently we are encouraging people to also donate money to help pay for people who cannot afford £10, this will include the poor and children.  Any other monies will go towards the significant administrative costs and donations detailed below.

Wouldn’t the money be better spent on other charities?

The project has a budget of £6.25m and will last 200 years, in that time the church will spend £1.7 billion on carpets.

For each brick purchased in ‘The Wall’ another will be purchased toward social housing in the UK and abroad once the project is completed.  Any excess money will be donated to Christian charities.

There are billions of pounds spent on other charities each year.  However there is nothing in the UK which represents answered prayer.  There is no physical structure in this country that encourages people to think about prayer.  The Wall’s aim is to re-establishing hope and faithfulness through the true testimony of God, which is one of goodness and the fact that all good things come from him.